Sony first published PS4 handle LED lamp strip can not be closed


We know, Sony in PS4 version 1.70 firmware finally for game player brought the regulation of DualShock 4 handle LED lamp brightness function, however, there is still hope game player is not satisfied, can let the game player will Sony PS4 handle light to completely shut down, has recently Sony Computer Entertainment Europe senior designer Jed Ashforth secret LED light the truth -- PS4 handle does not let off there is a reason, the lamp is virtual reality glasses for PS4 supporting Project Morpheus specially prepared.

Jed Ashforth said, Project Morpheus need to work with the handle strip, so DualShock 4 handle lamp is designed to permanently open. As for the official selection for confidentiality reasons is also before the Project Morpheus project belongs to the internal confidential.

In fact, PS4 handle LED light bar is designed for combined with Project Morpheus, DualShock 4 handle lamp also can be used for PlayStation Camera to determine the location and identity of game player.

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